Saturday, June 2, 2007

Why I hadn't thought of this sooner,

I'll never know. It's brilliant.
So there's The Boy in the tub. There's me right outside the door on a stool in the kitchen. Knitting. The Boy splashes water all over the floor. I don't care, I'm knitting. He throws a whole cup of water on Jeffy the cat. I don't care, I'm knitting. It's time to get out and The Boy protests. Okay, you can stay in for two more hours darlin', I'm knitting! Oh, you'd like to eat in there...okay, I'm knitting!
I see a very, very clean boy and lots of knitting getting done. Every day.


Jennifer said...

Oh yeah- there's lots of things you can find to let them do for wayyyyyy longer than they ever got to before. Especially now that little Mister is getting so big and can do things more and more on his own!

Let's see- go sit on a bench at the park ("Why, YES! You CAN go down the slide 19 more times!"), go to the library ("What? You want to look at that whole stack of books all over again? OK!!")

Jess said...

lol! Hey, nice legs BTW! ;)

Isn't it funny having a bathroom just off your kitchen like that? We have one too... makes for some interesting scent mingling sometimes... lol!

Meghann said...

Great idea! Think I could put Sophia AND Cedric in the tub together? LOL!

Rebecca said...

we have very very clean kids here too! my poor little munchkins are shriveled up little prunes but i -get plenty of knitting done ;-)

Milli said...

Brilliant. Simply brilliant!