Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Three! FO's in one day.

Two hats and a diaper cover.
It's a semi-surprise for a trade I made with Erin. She's making me a needle roll( also a surprise..wheee!!! ) for my outta control collection of pointy sticks. Here's a sepia toned picture for now. I will post the details and color pictures once it's in her hands.

Glorious, glorious finished objects. Bask with me.


Erin said...

oooohhh! They're perfect! I can tell, even without color!

Thanks, T!

I'll be out of town all week next week (starting Saturday) on vacation, and David and I have taken a no-internet pledge while we're gone. You're probably safe, then, to update this for the rest of your faithful readers Saturday morning and I'll get the mail when I get home...


treangel said...

They look supercute, T!

What pattern did you use for the soaker?

Spiffy Knits! said...

Miss T -- you do some super-spiffy knittin'!