Tuesday, July 10, 2007


eh...look at some wool.

Illusion Yarns by Radiant Twist. Miss T aplaca/ merino blend on the left, Seaglass superwash merino sock on the right. I don't have patterns in mind for either so help me out if you have any ideas.

Oh and I have a job now. And it's the best. I 'work' for my pal Meghann. I say work loosely because it involves yarn and my dear friend. Her business is growing by leaps and bounds and I (evil scheme) volunteered to help as needed in exchange for a skein or two every now and then. Some ( A LOT - ow, my arm hurts ) reskeining, a little packaging and lots of chit chatting. Last week there was even ice cream! See how I can hardly call that work?

And there's been knitting happening too. Look! A finished sock! One Roza's sock down, one to go. I do like this pattern and will knit it again. And that's good because I have a second sock to knit.

On another note , heh, it's still about knitting...anyone going to the NH Summer Knit and Crochet Show ? I'll be there! Sadly, Hubbo and The Boy don't want to go so I'll have to go by myself. Sigh. ;) Luckily Mr. Mastercard and Mrs. Visa want to come.

*****Just want to add my boss is coming to the show with me. Yes boss, sorry boss, anything else boss, yes boss. ***********


Jess said...

Where do you put in the application for that job? ;) Pretty pretty.

Nice wee Roza too! :) I love your wee little feet. I wish I had them!

Meghann said...

What am I, chopped liver? I'm going too!!!!

Jen said...

Oooooh, pretty pretty yarn! I love the one on the left, especially. Nice sock too! :)